5 Must-Have Vegan Crossbody Bags for Summer

As summer starts to warm up, it's time to update our wardrobes with fresh, vibrant vegan handbags that complement our sunny-day outfits. For the millions of people that prioritize ethical fashion, crossbody vegan bags are the perfect addition to your collection. Not only are they cruelty-free, but they also come in a variety of styles that are perfect for any occasion—from work to travel to casual outings. Here are five must-have vegan crossbody bags for summer, each offering unique features and endless styling possibilities.


1. Be Lively Crossbody Messenger Bag

cork leather vegan messenger bag

Style and Occasion:

Planning a summer getaway? This crossbody vegan messenger bag is your ideal travel companion. Its compact design ensures you can carry all your travel essentials, such as your passport, phone, and wallet, while still being hands free and having everything secure on you. The cork leather adds an eco-friendly, cruelty-free flair anywhere you go.

Outfit Pairing Tips:

Pair this travel-friendly vegan bag with a light, breezy outfit for sightseeing—think denim shorts, a tank top, and a pair of comfy sneakers. For an evening out, switch to a maxi dress and strappy sandals. The neutral and eco friendly color of this bag will add freshness to your travel wardrobe.

Durability and Functionality:

Made from durable, water-resistant cork leather, this vegan handbag is perfect for all your summer adventures. The secure zip closure provides extra security for your valuables. Its lightweight design and adjustable strap ensures you can carry this vegan crossbody purse comfortably for long periods, making it an excellent choice for exploring new destinations.

2. The Elegant Elli Crossbody Bag

crossbody vegan bag in appleskin vegan leather

Style and Occasion:

This versatile vegan crossbody bag is perfect for your everyday needs. Its sleek, minimalist design makes it a great choice for work, whether you're heading to the office or working remotely from your favorite café. With enough room to fit your essentials without being bulky, it's both practical and stylish.

Outfit Pairing Tips:

For a chic office look, pair this vegan bag with a tailored blazer, a crisp white blouse, and a pair of high-waisted trousers. For a more casual outing, style this cruelty free handbag with a flowy summer dress and a pair of comfortable sandals. The neutral tones of this crossbody vegan purse make it easy to match with various colors and patterns, ensuring it complements any outfit effortlessly.

Durability and Functionality:

Crafted from high-quality Appleskin vegan leather, this cruelty free handbag is built to withstand daily wear and tear. The plant based leather bag is not only durable but waster resistant and also easy to clean, making it a practical choice for those who are always on the go. The adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit, and multiple compartments help keep your belongings organized.

3. Kari Crossbody Bucket Bag

crossbody vegan purse bucket bag

Style and Occasion:

This casual vegan crossbody bag is perfect for day trips, errands, or a casual brunch with friends. Its relaxed design and light color give it a laid-back vibe that’s perfect for summer.

Outfit Pairing Tips:

For a casual day out, pair this bag with a pair of high-waisted jeans, a graphic tee, and your favorite sneakers. For a more flowy touch, opt for a floral sundress and a pair of espadrilles. The light color of this bag make it a versatile addition to any casual outfit.

Durability and Functionality:

Constructed from Appleskin leather, this vegan handbag is both sturdy and sustainable. Appleskin vegan leather is water and stain resistant, despite the ligth color, stains wipe off easily with a damp cloth!The roomy interior and interior zip pocket make it easy to carry all your daily essentials. Its crossbody strap allows for hands-free convenience, perfect for those busy days out.

4. Nori Crossbody Bag

Nori Appleskin Vegan Crossbody Bag

Style and Occasion:

For those special summer evenings out, this structured vegan crossbody bag is a must-have. Its sophisticated design and elegant details make it perfect for dinners and other evening events.

Outfit Pairing Tips:

Complement this vegan handbag with a sleek dress and a pair of strappy heels for a polished evening look. For a more relaxed evening, pair it with a jumpsuit and wedges. The structured design of this vegan bag adds a touch of elegance to any evening ensemble.

Durability and Functionality:

Despite its compact size, this Appleskin vegan handbag doesn’t skimp on functionality. It features a secure magnetic closure and an interior pocket to keep your essentials safe and organized. The high-quality Appleskin vegan leather exterior and 100% organic cotton lining ensures it remains a timeless piece in your wardrobe.

5.  Mini Crossbody Bag

Cork leather crossbody vegan bag in Aqua Zipper

Style and Occasion:

Perfect for those who prefer a minimalist approach, these versatile mini vegan crossbody bags are ideal for both day and night. The compact size makes it a great choice for when you want to travel light without compromising on style.

Outfit Pairing Tips:

For a daytime look, pair this mini vegan crossbody bag with a pair of high-waisted shorts, a crop top, and slip-on sneakers. For a night out, style with a bodycon dress and ankle boots. The simplicity of this vegan handbag allows it to seamlessly transition from day to night.

Durability and Functionality:

Though small in size, these vegan handbags are designed with functionality in mind. They feature adjustable straps, allowing you to shorten or lengthen it to your preference. The durable cork leather ensures it can handle daily use, and the minimalist design makes it a timeless addition to your vegan handbag collection.


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vegan Crossbody Bag

Consider the Material:

When selecting a sustainable vegan crossbody bag, pay attention to the material. High-quality reccled vegan leather, cork leather or other plant based materials ensure durability and ease of maintenance for your vegan handbag.

Think About Functionality:

Look for vegan bags with interior compartments and secure closures. This not only helps with organization but also ensures your belongings are safe.

Match with Your Style:

Choose a vegan handbag that complements your personal style and wardrobe. Neutral colors offer versatility, while black can add a statement to your outfits.

Prioritize Comfort:

Ensure the cruelty free handbag has an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. The right length and width of the strap can make a significant difference in comfort, especially if you plan to wear your sustainable vegan bag for extended periods.


Finding the perfect vegan crossbody bag for summer doesn’t have to be a challenge. With these five stylish options, you can enjoy the season while staying true to your ethical values. Whether you need a bag for work, travel, casual outings, or evening events, there's a crossbody vegan bag to suit every occasion. Remember to choose a bag that not only complements your style but also offers the durability and functionality you need for your busy summer days. Happy shopping!

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