Do you really need a diaper bag? The answer might surprise you


mom to beIt's almost Mother's Day and that includes moms-to-be. One of the basic items on everyone's registry is a diaper bag. But do you really need a diaper bag? Well, you might be thinking that of course you need a bag to carry around all the diapers and baby stuff - and yeah, you do. But you don't need a "diaper bag", despite every baby and diaper bag company telling you otherwise.

Why on Earth would someone like me, who is a mom of two kids ever say this? Because I have lived through many a diaper bag tragedy and realized that for the most part it is just a low quality bag that is crushed under the weight off all of the kids stuff and I would never buy otherwise. Some companies even try to make them look cool but even the most stylish and expensive diaper bags out there really aren't that cool or high quality. 

For my first kid, I received a diaper bag at my shower. It had a million pockets and compartments. I had no idea how much stuff I needed in there and my mom helped me pack my diaper bag and put things into all of the compartments. I argued it was too much stuff but it turned out she knew what she was doing. (Who would've thought, right? Lol) After about a week, the millions of compartments just got in the way and only made it harder to find stuff and repack it. After about two months, it started falling apart. I decided to get a much better diaper bag and found one that was way more expensive and better quality, still a lot of compartments but not as many. I found that using my own pouches that I could drop into the main compartment were way more effective than a million compartments. This one lasted longer but still not long enough. Not only was money being wasted, I was creating more garbage and getting frustrated. 

I didn't have time to go buy a diaper bag this time so I threw everything into the high quality vegan tote that I had used for work. The tote wasn't quite big enough but it was still way more functional and held up way better than any of the diaper bags ever did. In fact, it not only held up through work and diaper days, but for several years after. When I had my second born, I was given once again a diaper bag and when that one met its untimely end, I began my search for a (much larger than before) high quality, eco-friendly vegan tote that could be used way past the baby years. 

So do you really need a separate diaper bag? You need something to carry all of that stuff around but there are better, more sustainable choices that will carry you from baby to no diapers and beyond. Here are the top chic yet heavy duty picks for those messy diaper days and beyond.

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