About Us

Easily Find Your Sustainable, Vegan Leather Bags 

Finding sustainable vegan bags has never been easier! Green Vegan Bags is committed to simplifying the shopping process for the millions of people looking to make conscious fashion choices. Our mission is to provide high quality, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and affordable vegan bags that you can feel good about.


Why Green Vegan Bags?

Shopping for vegan leather bags from an ethical source has always been a major headache. We all want a fabulous bag, or two or three lol, but navigating different sites and researching each company to ensure they are clean and ethical can be time-consuming. Even more so if you are looking to buy more than one type of vegan handbag. At Green Vegan Bags, we eliminate these challenges by offering a choice selection of stylish, high-quality, and affordable vegan handbags.

Accessibility of style, quality, price, and variety is a huge barrier when shopping cruelty free and with sustainability in mind. Many vegan handbags are either unattractive, cheaply made, toxic, very expensive, or all of the above. Some brands that make cruelty free handbags still predominantly sell leather bags, offering vegan bag options as an afterthought. But why support a brand that still promotes leather if you don’t have to?


Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Green Vegan Bags provides both the latest and most classic handbag styles with high-quality, innovative materials. Our hand-picked vegan purses are made from green materials and produced through sustainable practices with low to no emissions, without toxic chemicals, and from women-owned companies. When you shop with us, you can be confident that your vegan leather bag choices are contributing to a more equitable world in every way.


My Journey

I started Green Vegan Bags to create a positive impact for animals and animal lovers. I know how difficult it is to find quality, affordable vegan handbags and I want to make it easy and remove any barriers in getting your amazing handbag. If there is something you want and don't see, just ask!

My passion for animals began when I was three, and my grandfather gave me my first cat. This led to me rescuing cats throughout my childhood, my parents were thrilled. By seven, I realized what meat was and was horrified. As a teenager, I learned about animal cruelty through PETA and began advocating against animal testing and experiments. I first became vegetarian, then eventually vegan. I have raised my two boys as vegans, fostering their deep connection to animals.

Volunteering at animal shelters and sanctuaries has been a significant part of my life, allowing me to interact with a variety of sentient beings. I am currently serving as a volunteer board member of the Florida Animal Rescue Alliance, helping to find safe and forever homes for abused farm animals.


Fashion with Compassion

Who says vegan leather bags can’t be everything? Green Vegan Bags is here to prove that fashion doesn’t have to compromise animals or the environment. We can be cruelty free and fabulous. Green Vegan Bags offers head-turning, high-quality, affordable styles without causing harm. Join us in sparking a fashion revolution that prioritizes compassion and sustainability.


Don’t wait! Shop with Green Vegan Bags today and make a positive impact on the world.

Green Vegan Bags owner paddleboarding with her puppyI am not a coat - working at a fox rescue




 PETA Business Friend - ANimals aren't ours to wear 

Green Vegan Bags is a proud PETA Business Friend.