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Take Care of the Earth Together

Earth Day is on April 22 but what does that mean? Earth Day was started in the US back in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues. Twenty years later, it is celebrated in many countries across the world. Earth Day and Animal Rights go hand in hand as we all live on this planet together and need biodiversity to flourish. But one day a year isn't enough. We need to make Earth Day Every Day. Here are some simple ways to incorporate Earth Day into your life every day and lower your carbon footprint on the planet. 

Walk or Bike Instead of Drive

It is estimated that for every mile walked or biked, a pound of air pollution is saved from entering the air. Another benefit is that it is great for your health which makes it a win-win! Think about walking or biking when: picking up only a few items from the store, your child has a playdate, you're going to the park or getting kids to school. Carpool with people nearby to get to work and/or school. Schedule virtual appointments when possible. For example, virtual doctor appointments (when practical) also save hours of time. I realize that we have to drive to get many places but finding those instances where you might not actually need to is a huge help to the environment and a great health benefit as well.

Turn Off the Lights

Do you really need the lights on when the sun is out? Energy typically comes from fossil fuels which are not renewable and contribute to climate change. Natural light is also softer on the eyes and doesn't cause as much strain. Washing clothes in cold water also saves energy and prolongs the life of most clothes. Try conserving energy by only using it when you need it. 

Limit Water Use

Only about 1% of the Earth's water is drinkable making it a very limited resource. Simple things like turning off the water while you brush your teeth, turning off the water while you wash the dishes (only using it when rinsing), using a dishwasher instead of handwashing, and adjusting the water levels accordingly when you wash clothes are some of the ways you can save 10-20+ gallons of water per day. 

Go Vegan 

Eliminating - or reducing -  animal agriculture stands to have the largest impact on reversing the global warming trajectory that we are currently on. Animal agriculture is behind more environmental damage than any other industry. Eating a plant based diet, or at least mostly plant based, can make a huge shift towards saving the planet.  Read more from the Stanford University Study

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