Green Vegan Bags Joins Florida Animal Rescue Alliance Board of Directors


Green Vegan Bagsa company that is bringing ethical and sustainable vegan handbags and wallets to the mainstream with an easy shopping experience, is excited to announce that Nicole Areu, the company’s founder, has been appointed to the Board of Directors at Florida Animal Rescue Alliance, Inc. The appointment to the board position follows Nicole’s sustained involvement and contribution to the organization and its allied sanctuaries. She met Karol, the president and founder of the rescue when she attended one of their volunteer events at a local sanctuary where they built new homes for some of the rescued farm animals.

Green Vegan Bags is dedicated to making ethical and sustainable vegan handbags accessible to everyone. Through their eco-friendly and cruelty-free handbags and wallets, the company is poised to inspire shoppers to move away from unnecessary animal products and embrace more compassionate choices for the animals and the planet as a whole. Green Vegan Bags has everything from  cork leather handbags to upcycled wallets and from vegan tote bags made of recycled materials, to vegan crossbody bags made from fruit waste.“I started this company because shopping for vegan handbags had always been a major, dreaded, time consuming event”, says Nicole, “I wanted to make it a simple, comfortable and affordable process so that more people will make a conscious choice without compromising style, quality or time. There is no reason that animals have to suffer to get a great handbag.”

Nicole’s appointment to the Board of Directors at Florida Animal Alliance marks a significance in both of their commitments to animal welfare and ethical living. Florida Animal Rescue Alliance shares the mission of compassion and awareness, focusing on rescuing farm animals and fostering a community that champions their cause. With sanctuary alliances through Florida providing a safe haven for rescued animals and a network of passionate volunteers, the organizations share the same values.

Florida Animal Rescue Alliance was founded by Karol Lopez, an animal activist and mentor in the Animal Activism Mentorship Program, alongside her mentee. Their journey began with a single rescue, which evolved into the organization. After receiving a pig surrendered from a slaughterhouse, they realized that rescuing animals was just the beginning; sanctuaries needed more volunteers to care for these animals. Additionally, Karol aimed to create a network for sanctuaries to connect and support each other. This vision led to the creation of the Florida Animal Rescue Alliance.

"We are excited to welcome Nicole to the Board of Directors," says Karol Lopez, President of the organization. "Together, we’re on a mission to make a real difference in the lives of countless animals." In fact, all donations collected go directly to the medical care of the animals, including spay/neuter costs, and all positions within the organization, including board members, are volunteer positions. “We do this because we love animals and believe that they belong here with us, not for us. It is our duty to help and protect them,” Nicole says. Green Vegan Bags donates 10% of profits to Florida Animal Rescue Alliance to help pay for the medical needs of the rescued animals. Just like with cats and dogs, there are an overwhelming number of neglected, abused and abandoned farm animals in need.

This collaboration celebrates the wonderful partnership between fashion, ethics, and animal welfare, highlighting the incredible impact when businesses and nonprofit organizations come together to drive positive change. Together Green Vegan Bags and Florida Animal Rescue Alliance have a shared vision – a world where compassion knows no bounds and every creature finds love and care.

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