The New Age of Vegan Leather

It wasn’t too long ago that people had to choose between saving animals or saving the planet when purchasing a purse or bag. Thankfully, the days of wasteful, vegan leather are over. Many innovative brands have found stunning solutions to solve this problem and there are many high-quality sustainable, vegan handbags available.


Cork leather is one of the most eco-friendly and animal friendly options available. It is durable, water resistant and stain resistant all the while natural, supple and organic. Cork is sustainably produced by removing the bark from the tree and it is the only tree where the bark can be removed without harm.  Each tree can be harvested over and over throughout the years. Cork has been harvested for hundreds of years and is one of the most sustainable and renewable practices in the world. The cork bags sold here are also lined with 100% Organic Cotton making these bags truly one of the most amazing handbag designs to come about.


Pinatex is a textile made from the fibers of the pineapple leaf, which is a normally an agricultural waste product. It is sustainably harvested from already existing, abundant agriculture and provides farming families with additional income. Pinatex was developed by Dr. Carmen Hijosa after witnessing the environmental impact that leather and PVC leather had on our world. She wanted to create something that would leave a low environmental footprint and have a positive impact on the world.


AppleSkin is another vegan leather made from, you guessed it, apple skin. AppleSkin™ leather is created out of apple waste, core and skin, from the juice and preserve industry.  AppleSkin™ is combined with recycled cotton and PU to create the leather qualities. The PU used is water based and does not create the same environmental hazards as PVC or other PUs. AppleSkin™ produces outstanding, durable accessories that are much more sustainable and kinder than leather or its plastic alternatives.


Recycled is just what it sounds like – made out of recycled materials! This is another way to keep excess waste out of the environment and eliminate the need for new material production. These recycled bags are made from recycled materials inside and out with no harm to any animals. The brands hold certifications (such as Okeo-tex or GRC) to verify the authenticity of recycled materials, the social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions.  If you are buying a handbag or purse made of repurposed materials, you are rerouting waste to a higher purpose.









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